Italian Bridal Accessories

Subsequently to her studies in International Relations in Rome and Israel, Azzurra Amoruso works in Jerusalem for the Italian Consulate, then for an NGO in Ramallah (Palestine), in Bruxelles, for the European Parliament, and finally in Paris, in international cooperation.


Alongside her studies, Azzurra creates her first jewels and showcases them at fairs and exhibitions.


In Israel, the International Trade Center (the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the UN) commissions her to craft some Jewels with Ugandan materials- to be then presented to the international market.


Meanwhile, she gets closer to the world of disabilities, and finds out that for social and religious reasons, in these lands, disables are not even considered people, and are cause of shame for the family.


Enriched by this cultural baggage, Azzurra goes back to Italy and decides to dedicate herself to her biggest passion, jewelry, but not just for its own sake: an operation with the aim to integrate people with disabilities in the community.


At last, where creativity meets community, right here, finds its birthplace the brand TERRENA.