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Fatto in Italia
Made in Italy

Thinking of Italy, the first thing that comes to mind is beauty. Heritage and fashion, amazing fabrics, a mesmerizing blend of class and sophistication. Each dress is custom-built and personalized to your specifications and taste.  We guide you through a wonderful journey, full of emotions and sensations.

Wedding dress shopping is a very unique experience, and we want to leave a mark in your wedding making it even more special. We want to guarantee to our brides a fine service taking the bridal shopping experience to a higher level. 

Our bridal gowns are entirely produced in italy, with italian fabrics. We recognize in the wedding dresses a high qualitative standard and an extreme easiness in making adjustments. The cut and the materials of our dresses are unique and it is important to wear them to understand the difference.

The fabric can be distinguished by the freshness and the quality. Natural fabrics such as silk are light and transpiring and make the wedding dress delicate and natural. Synthetic fabrics and heavy construction instead, make the dress look heavy and difficult to wear for an entire day.

We are able to customize and personalize a dress and we can offer to our brides a 360-degree tailoring service. You will have the possibility not only to change the fabric of the sample dress, but also to customize your gown making changes and mixing different models, or creating your own style according to your wedding needs and taste. A tailor-made service that allows you to try on sample models to have an idea of how they will look like once tailored.


We love the idea of having brides who have different dresses with each other.

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